We take pride in creating the right team for each individual project. Our personnel and skills cover every aspect of production from concept, writing, producers, directors, graphic designers, animators, camera crew, editors and post-production management.

ROAR Digital has provided post-production services to films that have won over 280 Australian and International Film Industry Awards, and have been nominated for over 115 more.

WINNER Screen Producers Australia Awards 2019
Services & Facilities Business of the Year

Film Scanning

Film on Reel

16mm and 35mm, restoration, despotting, and dust and scratch removal

We have on site the Blackmagic Cintel 16mm and 35mm film scanner. This fantastic machine provides great digital transfers of film, whether it be home movies, 16mm documentaries or 35mm features – ROAR Digital can provide a digital solution to the older film formats.

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Our Film Scanning Services

ROAR Digital provides film scanning services for original film media, 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm including original negative, interpos or release prints.

Our Film Scanning Equipment

We use the Blackmagic Cintel Ultra HD film scanner – a versatile and practical machine for all applications that can create SD, HD, 2K and 4K files, replacing the need for expensive and older telecine machine transfer. All file types are catered for – Prores, DPX, MOV, MP4. We use the Black Magic Cintel Film scanner, the world’s first real time 4K scanner.

Unlock the potential of untapped film sitting in vaults and storage in dark rooms and bring back to life 16mm and 35mm films. Distribute your cherished family histories, corporate archives, forgotten short or long travel films or even the rarest of never seen feature films. There is an insatiable demand for repackaged media – you might be sitting on that long forgotten masterpiece?

Our Film Scanning Workflow

ROAR Digital are experts in the process of restoring long lost films and we also look after your new films as well.

We could get a bit more technical if you want but its more about how we handle your job and the years of experience we provide in caring for your film and file output.

The Process… It’s simple

  • We ask you what you need and advise you if you don’t know
  • We assess the film for its condition – will it play on our machine?
  • We will provide a quote
  • Basic clean or more detailed scratch and dirt removal is available
  • If its film negative – what are the condition of the splices? – do they need replacing?
  • The film scan – file type choices, speed of the film, what is it going to be used for?
  • We do the scan, process the files and return all to you, via USB, hard drive or online delivery

Got film?

Contact us for next steps and how we can help you scan your film.


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Colour Grading

Colour Grading Panel

Blackmagic control surface, flanders scientific display, frameIO remote viewing, dry hire available.

Always the latest DaVinci Resolve software alongside the Blackmagic Control Surface, frameIO remote revisions, multi GPU and 10GbE IO. Dry hire rates are available.

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Editing Desk

Feature films and documentaries, tv commercials, corporate videos

ROAR Digital provides cross platform solutions in editing. Final Cut, Premiere, Avid and Resolve can all be managed in any of our four edit suites with our Editshare file management system.

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Audio mastering, voice over, tv commercials, 5.1 mastering

ROAR Digital provides the finishing touches to your audio needs. Fix ups or sweetening for short films and documentaries, replacement audio, music mixes, audio delivery requirements, audio design and ADR for all types of productions.

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DCP’s, MOV, Quicktime, MP4, Prores, AVI, DVD, Bluray, Qscan QC, and more…

The delivery of completed programs has become a fundamental reason why you still need a post house. ROAR Digital provides solutions to the delivery of files across the entire spectrum from personal devices to television and theatrical distribution. All file types catered for.

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ROAR Digital excels at film and video restoration

Utilising the awesome tool set found in pfClean by Pixel Farm, Dirt, Scratches, Blemishes, Splice Marks, Reel Change Hole Punches, Film Weave and Flicker can all be fixed.  Video Dropouts, Video Noise and Chroma Channel Separation, can all be treated and improved.

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Selected Restoration Examples

Blu-ray Authoring

Blu-ray Authoring

ROAR Digital has created thousands of domestic and international film titles for public release on Blu-ray and DVD. 

Disks can be authored with extensive interactive menus, multiple audio streams and multiple languages, captions and subtitles.

Anything is possible.

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand – SVOD, TVOD deliverables

ROAR Digital delivers streaming files to dozens of platforms each month. iTunes, Netflix, Google, HBO, Foxtel, Stan just to name a few.

Along with hi-speed internet and Aspera connections we deliver upwards of 600Gb of content all compliant to individual platform specifications and QC requirements.

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Corporate video, tv commercials, event launches, media coverage

ROAR Digital is managed by a team of experienced professionals in video and film production, from single camera shoots to complex multi-camera productions, the people at ROAR Digital can manage every facet of your production process.