A Waltz in the Hills. 16mm - 2K Film Scan Restoration


Restored 2016


Two Australian orphans undertake a dangerous overland journey towards a ship bound for England-and their only surviving relatives. They are helped along the way by an Aboriginal man who helps them live off the land and avoid detection.

Restoration Work Undertaken

Original Theatrical Release 1988. Restored in 2016. Restoration work undertaken 16mm print 2K film scan. Stabilisation where possible, Colour correction, Dirt and scratch concealment, Audio de-noise.

Primary Production Companies: Barron Entertainment, CPB, Primetime Television Ltd.
Executive Producers: Paul D. Baron, Madeleine Warburg
Producer: Roz Berrysrone
Director: Frank Arnold
Editor: Geoffrey Hall
Colorist: Charlie Ellis
Post Production Editorial Department: Cindy Evans
Writers: John Goldsmith, G. M. Glaskin
Cast: Dan O'Herlihy, Ernie Dingo, Andre Jansen, Tina Kemp, Maggies Wilde West, Geoffrey Atkins
Format: Feature Film
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family
Services: Colour Grading, Film Scanning & Digitisation, Restoration
Distributors: Umbrella Entertainment, Festival Video, Nine Nework Australia

Awards: 1 Win

Awards Won: Australian Film Institute: Best Perfromance by an Actor in a Telefeature

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