Charlie Ellis is at the top of his game as a respected and highly skilled Film Grader/Colourist. He brings decades long experience working across a whole range of formats – feature films, shorts, tv commercials, documentaries and so on. His skill was on full display with our proof of concept short film, “The Widow.” We had a period piece – set in the mid 1960s – and a film to be graded in a certain style of black and white (from colour footage) inspired by the look and feel of French and Italian crime films of the 1960s. Not everyone can get this. However, Charlie nailed it from the start. He also did an amazing job of seamlessly blending footage from five different camera sources and different resolutions! Charlie is a great collaborator and a generous creative. I definitely feel he contributed greatly to our little film’s remarkable success on the international film festival circuit – collecting 217 awards – with his keen eye and talent for creating striking and bold imagery.