Trust Frank



“Trust Frank” is a sentimental and gently humorous Aussie story about two lonely elderly people who are struggling with serious infirmities as they age.

Primary Production Companies: Blue Pen Productions
Executive Producer: Derek Wallace
Producers: Penny Moore, Maria Triantos
Director: Penny Moore
Editor: Shaun Smith
Colorist: Charlie Ellis
Writer: Penny Moore
Cast: John Flaus, Brenda Palmer, Alvert Goikhman, Joesph Balwin, Liza Dennis, Matthew Slocum
Format: Short Film
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Services: Audio, Colour Grading, Editing, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD, Post Production Supervision, Visual Effects

Awards: 59 Wins and 22 Nominations

Awards Won: Accolade Competition: Award of Excellence - Leading Actor, Leading Actress, Award of Merit Short Film, Women Filmakers ADIFF: Jury Prize - Best Actress (Short) Best Istanbul Film Festival : March Award - Best Editor. Best Shorts Competition: Award of Merit - Film Short, Direction, Women Filmmakers. Changing Face International Film Festival: March Award - Best Comedy Short. Continental Film Festival: Best Australian Actor, Best Australian Actress, Best Australian Cinematographer, Best Australian Director, Best Australian Music Director, Best Australian Fiction Short. Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition: Award of Excellence - Direction, Script Writer, Cinematography, Set Design, Editing, Original Score. Award of Outstanding Excellence - Sound Editing, Lead Actor, Leading Actress. Best of Show - Best Loose Short, Best Art-House Film. Europe Film Festival U.K.: March Award - Best Comedy Short. Nanjing International Film Festival: Jury Prize - Best Short Film. New York International Film Style, Fashion & Women Festival: JURY prize - Best International Short Film, Best Directing. Salt House Creative International Film Festival: Ma Awrd - Best Short Film, Best Actor. Silk Road Film Awards Cannes: August Award - Best Romance Short. So You Think You can Act/Direct (SYTYCA): Best of Festival - Best Director of a Short Film, Lead Actor, Leading Actress. Southern Shorts Awards: Award of Excellence - Individual Achievement in Acting, Individual Achievement in Acting, Individual Achievement in Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Music, Producing, Production Design, Screenwriting, Sound Design, Best Film. Best of Show - Best Actress, Best Festival Award - Best Comedy. São Paulo Film Festival: Supreme Jury Prize - Best Actor. Top Shorts Film Festival: December Award - Best Romantic Comedy, Best Original Story. Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT: March Award - Best Actor. Veterans Film Festival: GoE Bridging the Borders Award, Red Poppy Award - Best Short Film, Best Female Actress, Best Male Actor. WorldFest Houston: Silver Remi - Comedy - Romance
Award Nominations: International Symbolic Art Film Festival: Gold Award - Best Drama. Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival: Festival Awrd - Best Film. Long Story Shorts International Film Festival: May Award - Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress. Nashik International Film Festival: Frestival Award - Best Short Film. Short Stop International Film Festival: Festival Award - Best of the Fest, Best Screenwriter, Best Actor. Short to the Point International Film Festival: Best Narrative Short Film, Best Comedy, Best Romance. Southern Shorts Awards: Best of Show: Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Director. Top Shorts Film Festival: Annual Award - Best Romantic Comedy of the Year, Best Original Story of the Year. Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT: March Award - Best Comedy Short, Best Prodcer Short, Best Actress, Best Femal Director Short Film, Best Cinematographer Short

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