The Viper's Hex



Kiyo, a cursed hostess falls pregnant to Anchin. After learning the news, he flees Tokyo leaving her heartbroken. Kiyo, now alone turns to someone who has been with her since birth – A vengeful spirit known only as “The Viper”

Primary Production Companies: ROAR Digital, Black Forest Films,
Executive Producers: Jasmine Jakupi, Andrew P Kirkham
Producers: Dan Cachia, Stu Cachia
Director: Addison Heath
Editor: Addison Heath
Colorist: Charlie Ellis
Post Production Editorial Department: Charlie Ellis
Writer: Bill Clare
Cast: Saya Minami, Yasunari Kondo, Kaori Kawabuchi, Yoji Yamada
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Horror
Services: Colour Grading, Post Production Supervision