The Overlanders



It’s the start of WWII in Northern Australia. The Japanese are getting close. People are evacuating and burning everything in a “scorched earth” policy. Rather than kill all their cattle, a disparate group decides to drive them overland half way across the continent.

Primary Production Companies: Ealing Studios
Producers: Michael Balcon, Ralph Smart
Director: Harry Watt
Editor: Inman Hunter
Writer: Harry Watt
Cast: Chips Rafferty, John Nugent Hayward, Daphne Campbell, Jean Blue, Helen Grieve, John Fernside
Format: Feature Film
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Service: Authoring
Distributors: British Empire Films Australia, Umbrella Entertainment, Eagle-Lion Distributors Limited

Awards: 1 Win and 1 Nomination

Awards Won: National Board of Review, USA: NBR Top Ten Films.
Award Nominations: Venice Film Festival: Grand International Award

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