The Adventures of Barry McKenzie


Restored 2020


Young Australian, Barry McKenzie, travels to England with his Aunt Edna after his father dies and a request is revealed in his will.

Primary Production Companies: Longford Productions
Producer: Phillip Adams
Assistant Producer: Sydney Rose
Director: Bruce Beresford
Editors: William M. Anderson, John Scott
Visual / SFX: Roger Cowland
Writers: Bruce Beresford, Barry Humphries
Cast: Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Dick Bentley, Peter Cook, Avice Landone, Spike Milligan
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Comedy
Services: Authoring, Colour Grading, Film Scanning & Digitisation, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD
Distributors: Longford Productions, Roadshow Films, Columbia-Warner Distributors