Road Games


Restored 2016


A laid-back American truck driver in south Australia starts to suspect a man driving a green van of killing young women along his route, and proceeds to play a cat-and-mouse game in order to catch him red-handed. Pat Quid is driving a semi across Australia. On the way he encounters various other travellers and the occasional hitchhikers repeatedly as they’re traveling the same road. A favorite pastime of Pat is to play games to pass the time on the journey (such as to make up backgrounds of the other people on the road). Pamela is one hitchhiker he picks up. But when she disappears, he suspects that the driver of a van who has been acting a little strange (Smith or Jones), may be the serial killer mentioned on the radio. But his pursuit of the van driver brings him to the attention of the police, who begin to suspect him.

Restoration Work Undertaken

Original Theatrical Release 1981. Restored in 2016. Restoration work undertaken. 35mm interpos 4K film scan, PFclean dirt removal and de-flicker, Stabilised every shot, Colour correction, Dirt and scratch concealment, Audio de-noise treatment, Re-Mastered in 4K UHD for Blu-ray.

Primary Production Companies: Essaness Pictures, The Australian Film, Commission, Film Victoria, West Australian Film Council, Greater Union Prganisation, Quest Productions
Executive Producer: Bernard Schwartz
Producers: Richard Franklin, Barbi Taylor
Director: Richard Franklin
Editor: Edward McQueen-Mason
Editor's Assistants: Thomas Liang, Tomash Pokorry
Visual / SFX: Roger Cowland
Writers: Everett De Roche, Richard Franklin
Cast: Stacy Keach, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marion Edward, Grant Page, Thaddeus Smith, Steve Millichamp
Format: Feature Film
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Services: Authoring, Colour Grading, Film Scanning & Digitisation, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD, Restoration
Distributors: Greater Union Organisation, Umbrella Entertainment, Embassy Pictures

Awards: 6 Nominations

Award Nominations: Australian Film Institute: Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Original Music Score, Best Achievment in Editing, Best Achievement in Cinematography. Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA:

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