My Cherry Pie



On the run, three criminals find themselves holed up at a notorious old hospital that happens to be the hunting ground of a masked killer.

Primary Production Companies: Black Forrest Films
Executive Producers: Max Davine, Marcus Bradford
Producers: Jasmine Jakupi, Addison Heath
Director: Addison Heath
Editor: Addison Heath
Colorist: Charlie Ellis
Cast: Trudi Ranik, Glenn Maynard, Sotiris Tzelios, Dylan Heath
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Horror
Services: Colour Grading, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD, Post Production Supervision
Distributors: Black Forect Films, Mutiny Pictures

Awards: 7 wins & 5 nominations

Awards Won: A Night of Horror International Film Festival: Best Australian Feature, Best Australian Director. Independent Horror Movie Awards: Best Feature, Best Gore, Best Kill, Best Music. Tabloid Witch Awards: Best Comedic Actress.
Award Nominations: Independent Horror Movie Awards: Best Editing, Best Humor, Best Nudity, Best Special Effects, Best Writing.

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