Hostage (Savage Attraction)


Restored 2020


Horrific true tale set in late-1970s Australia and later West Germany about an abused wife who learns in horror that her sadistic German-born husband is actually a fanatical neo-Nazi.

Primary Production Companies: Frontier Films, Klejazz
Producer: Basil Appleby
Director: Frank Shields
Editor: Don Saunders
Editor's Assistants: Helen Brown, Marianne Rodwell
Visual / SFX: Chris Murray
Writers: Frank Shields, John Lind
Cast: Kerry Mack, Ralph Schicha, Gabriella Barraket, Judy Nunn, Vic Robis, Doris Goddard
Format: Feature Film
Genres: Action, Drama
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Distributors: Roadshow Films, Screenbound International Pictures, Manson International Pictures