Choir Girl



Eugene, a lonely photographer, becomes fixated on a young street prostitute, Josephine, in his rundown neighborhood. She becomes his muse and his photographs could be a way out for both of them – yet is Eugene saving Josephine or is he using her?

Primary Production Companies: Essaness Pictures, The Australian Fil Commission, Film Victoria, West Australian Fil Council
Producers: Ivan Malekin, Lucinda Bruce, Daniela Ercoli
Director: John Faser
Editor: Partrick McCabe
Colorist: Charlie Ellis
Visual / SFX: Darcy Johnson
Post Production Editorial Department: Charlie Ellis
Writer: John Fraser
Cast: Peter D Flaherty, Sarah Timm, Krista Vendy, Jack Campbell, Andy McPhee, Roger Ward
Format: Feature Film
Genre: Drama
Services: Colour Grading, Editing, Mastering - Prep for Cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, NetFlix & VOD, Post Production Supervision
Distributors: Greater Union Organisation, Embassy Pictures, Barber International

Awards: 4 Wins and 2 Nominations

Awards Won: Australian Cinematographers Society: Victorian & Tasmania Silver Award - Features Cinema. Australian Screen Industry Network Awards: ASIN Award - Best Composer
Award Nominations: Australian Screen Industry Network Awards: Certificate of Highest Achievement - Best Feature Film. Festival Internacional Cine de América: Jury Award - Best International Feature-Length Fim. Golden Harvest Film Festival: Best Cinematography. Macabre Faire Film Festival: Jury Award - Best Cinematography - Feature Film

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